Sleekers of steel

An application: Manual set-up of sand moulds.

It is made by forging from one piece of metal being of various lengths.

Basing on the Client’s requirement might be supplied also with the various sizes.

MarkingDimension of the lancet D x H (mm)Dimension of the spoon D1 x H1 (mm)Length L (mm)Weight (g)
L190 x 3785 x 30275105
L280 x 3275 x 2525090
L370 x 2770 x 2323075
L465 x 2565 x 2122070
L555 x 1955 x 1820555
L650 x 1855 x 1719050
L730 x 1230 x 1215023
L825 x 825 x 615015
Marking Dimension of the lancet D1 x H1 (mm) Dimension of the shovel D2 x H2 (mm) Length L (mm) Weight (g)
L1090 x 3775 x 35275100
L1165 x 2557 x 2523085
L1250 x 1840 x 1619050
L1330 x 1327 x 1315025
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