It is used to scrape the furnace wall and remove salt slag (salt + metal + impurities) from the surface of liquid metal.

We produce from standart material or from refractory material.

scraper SS01

Marking SS01

Scraper 200x60x5mm, handle 25x120mm.

scraper SS02

Marking SS02

Scraper 150x110x5mm, handle 20x200mm.

scraper SS03

Marking SS03

Scraper 100x95x5mm, handle 20x200mm.

scraper SS04

Marking SS04

Scraper 150x100x5mm, handle 20x200mm.

scraper SS05

Marking SS05

Scraper 400x150x5mm, handle 20x500mm.

scraper SS06

Marking SS06

Scraper 320x170x5mm, handle 20x200mm.

scraper SS07

Marking SS07

Scraper 220x170x5mm, handle 20x200mm.

scraper SS08

Marking SS08

Scraper 150x150x5mm, handle 20x280mm.

scraper SS09

Marking SS09

Scraper 180x60x5mm, handle 20x280mm.

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